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Digital Image on Face Mounted Acrylic – A Striking Way to Decorate Your Office

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your office that is very pleasing to the eye, consider placing some of your favorite digital images on face mounted acrylic. Acrylic wall art is a way to display your favorite images in a striking and prominent way that transmits your personal style to the overall look of your office.

Putting a digital image on face mounted acrylic creates a look similar to that of plastic photos, something that was quite popular years ago. Plastic photos refers to the process of putting a photo on what is called shrinkable plastic, and although it does not provide the high-quality appearance that acrylic plaques do, it is a method that was often used for making casual, fun items, such as jewelry and magnets.

Multiple Sizes Available

At, we offer eleven standard sizes (custom sizes available) when it comes to our selection of wall art and triptych panel art, which are 1/4" thick.The optional brushed silver aluminum composite back adds detail to the overall look of the piece, which comes with our sturdy EZ French Cleat Hanger for mounting on a wall.

Stand-offs are quite popular when it comes to using acrylic wall art in the workplace because they tend to add a touch of professionalism to the overall appearance of what can surely be called an art piece. We also recommend that you take a look at some of our photo plaques, which come in two standard sizes as well as an easel so you can hang it on the wall.

Decorating your desk with your favorite digital image on acrylic is also a great option. Our photo plaques are an ideal way to display your photos and art in a contemporary alternative to traditional frames. These striking photo plaques are ideal for office desk, credenza, book shelf, wall display, or any flat surface.

Our standing photo blocks are absolutely perfect for an office setting, come in four standard sizes, and are ideal for any digital image, such as photos of your family. These specially-selected sizes let the photo block do its job while allowing you to still easily see the photo you’ve selected,making it the perfect acrylic photo frame.

If you are looking for an innovative and professional way to decorate your office, look no further. Using the beauty and elegance that face mounted acrylic wall art and panel art offers (once your favorite digital images are fused onto them) will create an office atmosphere that emits both warmth and professionalism. Be sure to look through our selection of wall art, photo plaques, panel art and photo blocks now so you can begin to create the perfect office atmosphere.

Made using the unique Acryliprint®HD fusion process, we've eliminated the need for costly bulky mounting and framing, while maintaining a pristine, glossy image for years to come. face-mounted acrylic prints bring depth and complexity to your photos and art that is unmatched by traditional printing and mounting techniques. Your crisp, full-color or classic black and white digital images can be adjusted to fit any size or shape without sacrificing intricate detail. The Acryliprint®HD fusion process allows us to fuse your digital photos and art to a wide range of formats and displays including panel art, photo blocks and traditional wall art, as well as novelty items such as luggage tags and keychains.

Take a moment to view the many possibilities and design options afforded by our one-of-a-kind process. Our stylish Acryliprint®HD products come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to complement any home or office decor. Browse our products section to find the perfect format for your memories, or contact us with any questions you may have.